Tropical Northern Queensland

Day Charters

Low Isles (Full Day)

Journey to one of the jewels of the Great Barrier Reef, the enchanting coral cay island of the low isles, just 1 hour from Port Douglas. Coral reefs, sandy beaches and tropical rainforest combine to offer a very relaxing experience. Luxuriate aboard Galaxy I as the crew serves lunch before taking a leisurely stroll.

Outer Reef Itinerary (Full Day)

Galaxy I’s outer reef itinerary is an experience that will not be forgotten. Boarding early morning , Galaxy I cruises for approximately 2 hours to specially selected locations on the outer ribbon reefs.

Typically the visibility is excellent, the marine life abundant and the coral amazing as you immerse yourself into this extraordinary natural wonder. Guests are encouraged to utilize Galaxy I’s spacious decks, and to relax and enjoy all that Galaxy I has to offer. Lunch is served by Galaxy’s on board Chef.

5 Day Cooktown Lizard Island

Leaving Port Douglas behind, you and your guests will cruise the mighty Daintree River. Explore the ancient rainforests in our tender vessel or try your hand at fishing in these abundant waters. Upon returning to the Galaxy I, you will be served relaxing sunset drinks at your sheltered overnight anchorage.

The following day, we journey northwards to Cooktown. Cooktown is one of Australia’s most fascinating and historic frontier towns in far Northern Australia. Back in 1770, Captain James Cook spent 48 days on the banks of the Endeavour River repairing his ship and every June, the town celebrates Cooktown’s status as Australia’s first, albeit brief, European settlement. Walking tracks in the area allow for visitors to explore the beaches, bush and mountains. Visit the famous Cooktown Museum with its mind boggling nautical collection and marine specimens, model ships, stories and even the crocodile featured in the movie “Crocodile Dundee”.

A full day of exploration as Galaxy I cruises towards Lizard island. We journey through the Ribbon reefs of the far north. The rich diving and snorkelling opportunities open up the spectacular kaleidoscope of colour that is the Great Barrier Reef. Galaxy I’s experienced crew are ready to help you enjoy your encounter with this wonderful natural spectacle. Of Course, you may just wish to relax with the full wireless internet and satellite TV available. At day’s end ,canapés and drinks are served as you await the next culinary masterpiece from Galaxy’s on board Chef. To maximise your time on the reef, the Galaxy may cruise on through the night while you all get a fitful nights rest.

A new day and yet another adventure – snorkelling or exploring with Galaxy’s wave runner or sea kayaks are just some of the activities available. By prior arrangement a dive instructor can take you diving on the Reef. All meals are served aboard as you enjoy your final night aboard Galaxy I.

A leisurely breakfast, as the Galaxy I arrives at Lizard island. Indulge in a final swim on the Reef, before the Galaxy’s crew take you ashore for your stay at the Lizard Island resort or air transfer back to Cairns. (Note: Stays at Lizard Island or transfers from Lizard Island are not included in charter quotes)   

Whale Watching

During the months of June and July, the annual Minke Whale migration takes place in Northern Australia. Galaxy I is pleased to be able to offer a signature expeditionary itinerary to encounter the beauty of one of the ocean’s most inquisitive creatures. Your encounter with the Minke Whales is supported throughout by on board lectures from Marine Biologists and experts on the dwarf Minke Whale. With Galaxy I as your luxury expeditionary vessel, this experience is one of the planet’s most captivating and memorable encounters with Mother Nature.